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The 2nd Battle of Alaska
Part of WWIV
Date February 4, 2991
Location Juneau, Alaska, USA
Result Close Team 1 Victory
United States
John Smith
Yugo Liu
Bill Marks
90,000 100,500
Casualties and losses
30,000 33,000


Canada once again planned to take Alaska from the United States. However this time Canada attacked the capital of the state. Once again Russia helped out Canada but China did not assist this fight. Japan planned to once again flank them by ship but was suprised to find out that Russia decided to take their air force this time. This drastically slowed down Japan this time and they ended up getting their later in the battle. The battle started when 70,000 canadian troops attacked citizens and soliders in the United States capital. The United States responded with artillery and it's airforce. Russia brought over an additonal 30,000 soliders making the battle harder for the USA. However, their Japanesse Allies brought tons of soliders ready to fight. The battle ended in the USA winning a close fight and Canada retreating out of the USA.