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The Battle of Alaska
Part of WWIV
Date November 14-16, 2990
Location Anchorage, United States
Result Team 1 Victory
Team 1
United States
Team 2
15,000 (Japan)
8,000 (United States)
23,000 total
12,500 (Russia & China)
9,000 (Canada)
21,500 total
Casualties and losses
9,600 (Total) 14,000 (Total)


In the battle of Alaska the United States was planning on having it's army to advance into Canada. However, Canada at the same Canada was planning on taking over Alaska at the same time. Russia was planning on sailing over from the Western coast to help out Canada. China was planning on going their with the Russian forces. Japan was fully aware of these plans however, and counter-attacked them in the Pacific Ocean. The naval battle eventually turned into a land battle on the coast of Alaska. However the battle between Japan vs. Russia & China never left the coast. The battle was a victory for Japan. On mainland Alaska the battle was fought with less forces. The United States won however due to several advantages.